Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why don’t you try Organic Brain Surgery?

in the whole debate in nature vs technology it is often wondered, are humans getting ahead of themselves? is it not too far when humans can start creating other humans? (genetic engineering, cloning etc) or when we try to manipulate our environment. make machines that fly like birds when humans naturally can not fly?

well so then an argument is was should go back to the old skool, back to our roots. back to the forest and return to the amish life of a simpleton hunting and gathering.

but tell me. isn’t yoga about mastering mind over body? isnt yoga about controlling the body in the face of gravity. i mean maybe yoga is even wrong, but i dunno to me it feels too right.

but what im trying to say is, we came to exist (whichever door you think we came through) and ended up here in the middle of wilderness. now human minds are naturally curious, creative and inventive. we like to do thinks, make things, organie things. so we forged out surroundings into something usable today. trying to better our species by moving things around.

like i sometimes wonder, in my most spiritual moments, if we are placed here in a tested way to see what we can do with what we are given. maybe this is just societies mind branding in order to make us economically productive and “achieving” but it seems that we are meant to learn how to control things. Control our animal instincts, control our behavior because our mind allows us to.

we could be running around naked having sex with every single person we see regardless of who they were. i dont know if we would be any happier really. ofcourse we are destroying our earth but at the sametime i love that i can write this to you from the living room in london. and people from all over can read it. and thats just it i guess, with every brilliant invention comes positive and negative uses. atomic energy converted into a life threatening bomb. research into cures for cancer have undoubtedly lead to finding many more biological weapons and incurable disease substances. so wat the fuck.

AND THEN Think how much longer we live since the development of technology. sanitation medicine and all that stuff. or is that also unnatural and we should all die before we reach 30?

one would say we should just stop trying and accept it all. but NATURALLY we are not able to. shouldnt we find a way to control ourselves and control our world? technology is good as long as we dont lose our focus it seems. nature is good but does not stand up straight, it flops over.

its a tough debate


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