Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why don’t you try Organic Brain Surgery?

in the whole debate in nature vs technology it is often wondered, are humans getting ahead of themselves? is it not too far when humans can start creating other humans? (genetic engineering, cloning etc) or when we try to manipulate our environment. make machines that fly like birds when humans naturally can not fly?

well so then an argument is was should go back to the old skool, back to our roots. back to the forest and return to the amish life of a simpleton hunting and gathering.

but tell me. isn’t yoga about mastering mind over body? isnt yoga about controlling the body in the face of gravity. i mean maybe yoga is even wrong, but i dunno to me it feels too right.

but what im trying to say is, we came to exist (whichever door you think we came through) and ended up here in the middle of wilderness. now human minds are naturally curious, creative and inventive. we like to do thinks, make things, organie things. so we forged out surroundings into something usable today. trying to better our species by moving things around.

like i sometimes wonder, in my most spiritual moments, if we are placed here in a tested way to see what we can do with what we are given. maybe this is just societies mind branding in order to make us economically productive and “achieving” but it seems that we are meant to learn how to control things. Control our animal instincts, control our behavior because our mind allows us to.

we could be running around naked having sex with every single person we see regardless of who they were. i dont know if we would be any happier really. ofcourse we are destroying our earth but at the sametime i love that i can write this to you from the living room in london. and people from all over can read it. and thats just it i guess, with every brilliant invention comes positive and negative uses. atomic energy converted into a life threatening bomb. research into cures for cancer have undoubtedly lead to finding many more biological weapons and incurable disease substances. so wat the fuck.

AND THEN Think how much longer we live since the development of technology. sanitation medicine and all that stuff. or is that also unnatural and we should all die before we reach 30?

one would say we should just stop trying and accept it all. but NATURALLY we are not able to. shouldnt we find a way to control ourselves and control our world? technology is good as long as we dont lose our focus it seems. nature is good but does not stand up straight, it flops over.

its a tough debate

Monday, April 09, 2007

Jack vs Locke Re-inspired

crazy idea for now
science and faith

faith, god, bible, religion is our way of making sense of that which we do not understand. It used to be stronger when we understood less. Science is trying to find the holes that exist and figure out a way to explain it all.

the whole science being a threat to faith is REAL because as science uncovers the truths about reality, it leaves one less place for religion, hope, faith, belief to exist.

However there are elements that science can still not explain (thoughts, love, emotional connections unrelated to conditioning or causality, impatience, random, and what we still call irrational behavior)

science has only explored the logical side of things, maybe one day there will be some way to uncover those things that are more abstract. But for now we rely on religion to create morals and values and ideas about what is right and wrong. we use religion to guide us to what we dont understand.

humans have always had a fear of the unknown, and therefore had the need to assign some sort of idea to that Dark Matter. Those black people are inhuman, those weird people with feathery hats are savages. Even the romans called the german's Barbarians.

knowledge is being uncovered slowly but surely. we are still trying to bite the apple. I dont know what will happen when we have eaten the whole thing. Thats a scary thought that i have been wondering about.
What happens when we know all, know all that he, it, she, they know?

will we all just live the perfect life? will there finally be peace?
or will we get too powerful for our own good? capable of manipulating life ourselves? (cloning, genetic modification)
will we get there before we all destroy ourselves, or the sun destroys us. After all we talk about global warming but in the end isnt it the sun's power (back to sun being part of universal energy aka godly energy) that is hurting us? The sun is still getting hotter and eventually it will be too hot for human life, with or without global warming.

this little nuclear-fused idea came as i was sending an email to my grandfather talking about the yoga class i did last week. It was seriously such a cool experience. Not just the yoga but mainly to experience it in the american style. it hit me hard in the gut.

In india they have been doing yoga since about 5,000 years ago and have always known it has been really good for the human biological system. Knew that breathing right gives ur brain oxygen and sitting in a certain way is good for digestion and stretching is good for keeping fit and in shape.

But doing yoga here it was explained in explicit scientific chemistry/biological detail. To levels where the lady was like, u guys cant understand it unless u take science but ill simplify it for you.

BUT fuck
talk about a cathartic moment.

crazy? i think so.
so thats why i think about this whole science seeks to explain things faith assumes. Hey but some of the assumptions are very accurate, some might be off like any one forecasting, predicting, guessing or concluding based on their detailed observances of human interaction.
fucking neat stuff no?

enter Angels and Demons (which i loved for this very reason)


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Improper Utility

so im sitting in the cafe eating a sub when this group of humans (ud never know) probably soph-juniors started discussing stuff that would make my friend Amanda Paradis go green in the face. (so if you are reading this Amanda please take out one of ur convenient vomit bags that i know u carry around all day)

several girls and one male are situated in the booth next to me. One girl declares that its her and the guy's anniversary tomorrow. Another asks if its from the time they added eachother on facebook, declared relationship status on facebook, hooked up or verbally, old fashionedly, asked each other out. They all giggle at the fact that the two facebook options are quite legitimate in our modern age. (gross). Then the girl tells them that no actually she had asked him out. The others gasped in amazement cuz girls should never ask guys out, and the guy goes "yeaah it was at a party, i was blacked out". She tells the story about how it was a sorority/fraternity social etc etc and during the story, probably two or three more times, he made it emphatically known that he was indeed BLACKED OUT when they agreed to have a relationship. like it was a cool fact, one not to be ashamed by. (unfortunately for him there were no boys around to high five him)

Ladies and gentleman our collegiate culture at its finest. My severely iced companions always talk about how our general peer group suck, but i usually deny it and tell them that its not as bad as they think. But the truth is, i guess, that ive just blocked it out from my daily observations. I don't even think of it/them. i just let people be people and do wat they want as long as they are not directly affecting my life. [insert Mill's harm principle] i guess I unfairly crop reality that lets me focus on the people i love and enjoy, cutting out the other majority that spills their ignorant bile on the streets around me.

but i guess unless u do make life simpler, and more ideal; the complex realities will just tie you down, slowing you from doing anything that you might actually enjoy doing. it poisons the oxygen and makes it harder to breath and so you walk around more heavily etc. And thats why i like economics: idealistic, simple models built around assumptions that are created not to replace reality but to find out cool relationships between one thing and another. You hold some variables constant or declare them negligant so that you can solve for the more significant elements. using a simpler model you are able to discover a lot more relationships and analyze a lot more situations without worrying about all the unnecessary noise or realistic grimy little details that present the "wat about the 2%" senario.

haha... wow i meant to just tell you that damn story...

ANYWAY like i was saying theres a lot more bad than good in people it seems. Humans are fucked up, they don't take the time to understand each other when NATURE FUCKING GAVE US THE UNIQUE ABILITY TO LEARN THINK AND UNDERSTAND, SOMETHING THAT NO OTHER ANIMAL DOES!!! so understand the situation (or the other person), adapt yourself to be more compatible with it, sensitive to others and stop thinking about your fucking self all the time.

i mean wat the fuck?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Muddy Transitions and the Inverse rule of Loneliness

transitions are a strange place. specially when u just ended something and are wadding the water waiting for a sign that might give you some direction. Things are thrown at you left and right and you just get confused with how to organize them.

and being alone. how is it that we feel less lonely than when we are actually alone than we do with other people. seriously though. maybe just me because i find peace and satisfaction from walking around with my music observing people be people with other people. but often when there is constant action surrounding me and I am inclined to engage with them, i actually feel more alone and unsatisfied than if left alone. Like amanda paradis and her room. Like david snow and his need to get away from people even his girlfriend quite often. Like lauren murphy when she needs to be alone. even me i guess, i never admit it but i do enjoy being left alone for a while. its strangely soothing, we are given an opportunity to let our mind drift naturally without any interruptions. atleast for a while until we find distractions because our thoughts scare us too much. and so we lose ourselves in another universe (books, tv, movies, internet, etc) one that we get into alone and hang out with new characters and do more external observing rather than internally participating.

i guess its our own form of sleep. in sleep we need to organize our thoughts, clear our minds of all that was sensed during the day. sometimes we have dreams in sleep of things that never have, never could but voyages into imagination. Maybe thats like going into hiding, to recollect our thoughts, re-organize all the confusion that is social interaction and remember who we are and what we think in a space without influence. (we are so influenced by those around us its hard to remember where we end and they begin). Then we jump into realm of imagination and creativity so we can learn about more things on our own (books, tv, movies, internet etc).

and then we suffer this confusing how do we talk to people again mentality when we wake up or re-enter socialization.

its all a bit wack.

anyway i was talking about transitions. i guess transitions are confusing in both places (on and off socialization). They create eratic acts of desperation and deep ruts that are hard to climb out of because they are vicious-circular. (in a dark well because there is nothing to act upon, yet nothing has come to inspire to act upon because you are sitting in a dark well)

i guess here we await for nature to send us something. Or we figure out a way to climb or dig out of the well by investing in independent activities that give us some kind of fulfillment outside of emptiness. i dont quite know. some how something works for me or i find something that keeps me faintly optimistic about life and the situation i am in. maybe those are just distractions or delusions.

maybe upon reflection things can be discouraging and horrendous, but im sure under the surface things are working in secret. im a big believer in every thought and activity doesnt go to waste and just adds to a pile of processable material. that even the moments of loss and defeat can add value (input) to your next move. i dont know. i feel this limbo_tic state is as confusing to analyze as it is to be in. If anyone has any thoughts please throw them down for they could maybe help fish someone out.