Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Improper Utility

so im sitting in the cafe eating a sub when this group of humans (ud never know) probably soph-juniors started discussing stuff that would make my friend Amanda Paradis go green in the face. (so if you are reading this Amanda please take out one of ur convenient vomit bags that i know u carry around all day)

several girls and one male are situated in the booth next to me. One girl declares that its her and the guy's anniversary tomorrow. Another asks if its from the time they added eachother on facebook, declared relationship status on facebook, hooked up or verbally, old fashionedly, asked each other out. They all giggle at the fact that the two facebook options are quite legitimate in our modern age. (gross). Then the girl tells them that no actually she had asked him out. The others gasped in amazement cuz girls should never ask guys out, and the guy goes "yeaah it was at a party, i was blacked out". She tells the story about how it was a sorority/fraternity social etc etc and during the story, probably two or three more times, he made it emphatically known that he was indeed BLACKED OUT when they agreed to have a relationship. like it was a cool fact, one not to be ashamed by. (unfortunately for him there were no boys around to high five him)

Ladies and gentleman our collegiate culture at its finest. My severely iced companions always talk about how our general peer group suck, but i usually deny it and tell them that its not as bad as they think. But the truth is, i guess, that ive just blocked it out from my daily observations. I don't even think of it/them. i just let people be people and do wat they want as long as they are not directly affecting my life. [insert Mill's harm principle] i guess I unfairly crop reality that lets me focus on the people i love and enjoy, cutting out the other majority that spills their ignorant bile on the streets around me.

but i guess unless u do make life simpler, and more ideal; the complex realities will just tie you down, slowing you from doing anything that you might actually enjoy doing. it poisons the oxygen and makes it harder to breath and so you walk around more heavily etc. And thats why i like economics: idealistic, simple models built around assumptions that are created not to replace reality but to find out cool relationships between one thing and another. You hold some variables constant or declare them negligant so that you can solve for the more significant elements. using a simpler model you are able to discover a lot more relationships and analyze a lot more situations without worrying about all the unnecessary noise or realistic grimy little details that present the "wat about the 2%" senario.

haha... wow i meant to just tell you that damn story...

ANYWAY like i was saying theres a lot more bad than good in people it seems. Humans are fucked up, they don't take the time to understand each other when NATURE FUCKING GAVE US THE UNIQUE ABILITY TO LEARN THINK AND UNDERSTAND, SOMETHING THAT NO OTHER ANIMAL DOES!!! so understand the situation (or the other person), adapt yourself to be more compatible with it, sensitive to others and stop thinking about your fucking self all the time.

i mean wat the fuck?


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